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formhub at the DataDev Workshop

On July 23rd and 24th we presented a poster on formhub at the DataDev workshop and participated in the Systems for Mobile Data Collection panel.  The workshop was held during the IEEE Mobile Data Management (MDM 2012) conference in Bangalore India.  Shown below is the poster that we presented.

Per usual the statistics are out of date, which shows how much formhub is growing (70,000 submissions in 5 weeks) and highlights the inherit evanescence of data, which is one of reasons we built formhub.  Below is a photo of the formhub poster during the demo session at the DataDev workshop.

Although it is hard to see from this picture, we have ODK Collect open on the tablet and a net-book nearby, which we used to walk people through the live site.

We had a lot of great conversations with other solution providers and with practitioners.  There is certainly a great demand for data collection tools and data collection consulting services.  Multiple practitioners wanted a solutions provider that would take them (or their clients) from needs analysis and form creation through data collection all the way to results analysis, recommendations, and impact analysis.

While in Bangalore we stopped by Microsoft Research India.  There is a lot of interesting work involving IVR (interactive voice response) systems coming out of Microsoft Research India, and it has the potential to integrate with formhub, should the need arise.  We also stopped by ThoughtWorks and discussed possibilities for collaboration on data analysis tools, as with hexbins additional data analysis will be forthcoming in formhub.